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At every Pet Festival, the UAE Police K9 Dog Squad will provide an enthralling demonstration by their well trained dogs, showing how they work along with the Police to protect the people in various types of operations and situations. 

This demonstration show is very thrilling and informative. Disarming criminals, Drug detecting, Handling offenders with and without weapons, are some of the action by these K9 dogs. 

There will be interactive sessions with the public and children too.

Demonstrations by renowned professional dog trainers will also be presented during regular intervals

Latest trends in Pet Fashion will be presented on the catwalk with Furry models along with their human counterparts. One or more fashion designers will showcase their new collection for Pets.


Apart from the choreographed show, there will be chance for children to get trained in catwalk along with four legged models (children should register in advance. contact us for registration)


A Fancy Dress Competition for Pets & Owners will also take place at the Fashion show stage. Participants can register at the venue at the Pet Festival or by contacting us in advance. There should be a theme connected with each participant's fancy dress. 


The competition will be judged by a selected panel and winners will receive Awards and prizes

Children and visitors can get up close and friendly with pet farm animals, exotic pets and birds at the Petting Farm area at the Pet Festival. Experts will guide you how to hold and deal with various friendly animals and answer questions.

Hold and take photographs with these friendly creatures here.

Normally this is a busy section of the Pet Festival, so visitors are allowed in batches and should exit the area within the time allowed, in order to let the next batch to come in.

Visitors should follow instructions given by the Petting Farm Team.

Small kids should be accompanied by adults and see that they do not squeeze or harm the animals.  

Children can have a great time at the Kids Zone at the Pet Festival. Bouncy Castles, Slides and various other games for kids are made available here. 


Various educational and infotainment activities are also available here. Arts and Crafts section of the Kids Zone will keep the children busy with creative activities.

Face Painting, Baloons, Clowns etc are also a part of the Kids Zone.  Attendants and Volunteers  will take care and assist the Children.

As this part of the festival is always busy limited time may be allotted to each child. 

And parents supervision may be required. 


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