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Registration & Show Rules


Every Pet owner of Breed or House cats with the following types can participate:


Category's are:

1) Long hair – 2) Short hair – 3) Kitten: male & female 3 - 6 month

Pedigree & Non Pedigree can participate – Neutered cats can also participate


Winners per category:


Best of Group – 1st – 2nd and 3rd Places

Special prizes as per Judges priorities


Winners of each Category will be eligible to participate in Best in Show Competitions


Best of Best = Place 1 + runner up Place ( Best opposite Sex)

Best male & female castrate,

Best Kitten

These cats are competing against each other without separation of colour or sex

Veterinary Rules:

Each cat has to have rabies vaccination a minimum of 4 weeks before the exhibition , and not later than 12 month on the exhibition day. Additional vaccination against Panleukopaenia (contagious disease),Herpesvirus, Calcivirus.

How to register:


All participating Cats have to be pre-registered. No registration will be accepted.

Closing date for entries - 25 May 2021 till Mid night.

You can register by completing the registration form in this website or via



Payments can be made via Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer.


Registration Fee: Registration fee for 1 Cat: AED. 100 /- for the first Cat, next cats of the same owner AED. 50/-. Max of 3 Cats per owner is permitted.




Cats have to be carried in suitable Cat Carriages.

They should be handled only during grooming or judging time.

The Owner should be able to carry and present their cat in proper procedure.

Any behavior from the owner in a hurting manner will cause disqualification to the owner

The Cat should be well groomed.

Time: Entry at 2:00 PM. Judging starts at: 3:00 PM.


Judges decision will be final.

Further inquiries, contact the us via email: or +971 52 5656440

Pet owners are responsible for their pet cats throughout the exhibition and the organizers will not be responsible for the participating animals.


Click & Download this PDF form

Fill it up with details requested and

attach the Cats Passport copies

Send these documents to

Email: petmemagazine

An official will contact you to

and guide you for payment

for info: 050 3513139 / 052 5656440