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The Cat Shows at 

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Two Days of Cat Shows will be held during this Pet Festival.
The First Day - 10th December 2022 - The World Cat Federation (WCF)
Championship Cat show will be held in association with
the Middle East Cat Society (MECATS)
The Second Day - 11th December 2022 - Best Feline - UAE Contest  
There are separate rules & regulations for each show, (given below)
There is also separate Entry Forms and Fee for each of these shows.  
Please read the details of each show & enter
If you need clarification or more details, please call +971 52 565 6440


Click & Download this PDF form - Fill it up with details requested and Send the Form to
Email: or
or Whatsapp: +971 52 565 6440

10TH DECEMBER 2022 - 2.00 pm to 10.00 pm
All breeds of Cats can enter - Nutered Cats also can enter
Judged by WCF All Breeds Judges as per WCF Rules
There will be Single Judging (One Point) for championship Titles.
There will be Ring Judging for Best in Groups & Best in Show.
Winners will receive Trophies & Certificates.
All Participating Cats will receive WCF Breed Certification.
One Exhibitor can enter max of 5 Cats only.
Use one Registration Form for each Cat.

Pre Registration Required. Last date to register 5th Dec. 2022.
All Cats should be vaccinated and well groomed.
Cages and Cat Litter will be provided

Entry Fee: 
Single Judging - First Cat AED.250/- next Cats each AED.150/- 

Click & Download the Registration form, Fill up and return via or
Fee to be deposited or transferred to any of the below Bank Accounts. Registrations will be confirmed upon receiving forms and payment proof.  


Click & Download this PDF form
Fill it up with details requested and
Send these documents to
Email: petmemagazine
Whatsapp: +971 52 565 6440

11th Dec. 2022


Registration & Show Rules

Cats of all Breeds or House cats with the following categories can participate:


1) Long hair – 2) Short hair – 3) Kitten: male & female 3 - 6 month

Pedigree & Non Pedigree can participate – Neutered cats can also participate


Winners per category:

Best of Group – 1st – 2nd and 3rd Places

Special prizes as per Judges priorities


Winners of each Category will be eligible to participate in Best Feline - UAE  segment

TITLES: Best of Male  - Best Female & Best Kitten

All participating Cats have to be pre-registered. No registration will be accepted at the Venue. Closing Date 5th Dec 2022.

Download the PDF form below, fill up and return to us via Email:   


Payments can be made at the Bank Account Given below.


Registration Fee: Registration fee for each Cat: AED. 100 /- .

 Max of 3 Cats per owner is permitted.

Time: Entry at 2:00 PM. Judging starts at: 3:00 PM.  Judges decision will be final.
Further inquiries, contact the us via email: or +971 52 5656440

Pet owners are responsible for their pet cats throughout the exhibition and the organizers will not be responsible for the participating animals.

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