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This PET FESTIVAL will have various competitions and activities for two days.

Please check Schedule of activities to see which day has what competitions and activities.


ON 10 & 11 DEC 2022 - at SOUK AL MARFA
DUBAI ISLANDS - 2 pm till 10 pm


Welcome to one of the largest Pet Show in the Middle East!  All Visitors attending the event has to Register for Entry. You can visit with your Pets or without your Pets. Bring the registration confirmation on paper or phone. Separate Entrances for People with Pets and without pets. Pets entering Dog Show & Cat Show competitions should register separately by clicking registration buttons under each competitions mentioned here.

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World Kennel Union Championship Dog Show

On 10th & 11th Dec. 2022. This Dog Show Competition is for all breeds of dogs as per the World Kennel Union rules, held in association with the Emirates Kennel Club. The WKU - Judges will award Championship points and select the Best of Breed, Best in Group and Best in Show Awards. Winners will receive Titles, Medals & Prizes.

Pre-Registration Required. See the Rules & Regulations of the Show

Dog Agility Competition


An Dog Agility competition will be conducted for trained and untrained Dogs. There will be demonstrations and training tips by expert trainers in this field. While the MC keeps the crowd entertained, dog owners can have trial runs. Winners will receive Medals and various other prizes.

Dog Training Demonstrations


Demonstrations by various dog trainers will

be displayed at the show. Obedience demonstrations, security dogs’ demonstrations and companion dog’s demonstrations will be presented.


Training Experts will be available to give

 tips and advice on dog training.


Pet Fashion Show


Dogs wearing latest trends in garments and accessories, will walk on the ramp with models. Dresses are created by designers.

Stage with lighting and music will have seated audience to watch.  


There will be Pet Fashion shows both days of the Pet Festival.

Seats have to be booked in advance to ensure seating 

The WCF - International Cat Show

& Best Feline - UAE Contest

The International Cat show in association with the World Cat Federation & MECATS will be held on the 10th Dec. '22. The show will be open to all breeds of cats including local cats. WCF Judges will award Championship points and select Best in Show, Best Opposite Sex and Best Kitten.


The Best Feline - UAE Championship will be conducted on the 11th Dec. '22.

Pre-Registration required for participating

See Rules & Regulations before entering.

Click the Button below to see Rules and to Register Cats for both days

Police K9 Dogs & Security Trained Dogs Demonstrations


Demonstrations by various Security Dogs Trainers of the UAE will be presented. They will present various drills and duties the security dogs perform to detect crime and protect the people.

The Pet Parade


Pet parents will walk in a parade like movements in front of the judges, with their pets to be judged for various titles like ‘Pet and Parent Look-a-like’. Pet Diva, Popular Pair, etc. MC and Music will enhance the fun. !0 to 15 prices will be given away to the Winners of various titles.

Participants can join the Parade at the Venue. No Registration required

Animal Welfare & Adoption


Few Animal Welfare groups will be present to give information about taking care of dogs. How to deal with street / stray dogs. How to find suitable dogs for individuals / family, etc.  People can also see and adopt pet dogs from here.

Pet Fancy Dress Competition


People can bring their pets in thematic costumes and enter the contest. Additional prizes for pet and owners dressed alike.


Winners will receive trophies and prizes from sponsors.

Competitors can register at the Venue.

Kids Play Zone


A designated area will be allocated for Children to play. Various games, Slides, Jumping Castles, Clowns etc will be present


Various infotainment activities and face painting etc., will be available

Petting Farm


An area will be allocated for visitors and children to pet friendly farm animals like goats, rabbits, tortoise, birds etc and understand about their habits and habitats.


People can enter this barricade area and pet the animals with the assistance of volunteers.

Pet Products & Services Stalls


There will be many stalls by Pet product and Services providers. There will be bazaar type area for small time vendors too.  


Mobile Grooming Vans & Pet Taxi businesses will also be participating.

Food & Beverage Stalls


Many stalls of food vendors will be available at the venue.  Food and refreshments from various countries will be available too.

Various types of Food Trucks & Kiosks serving Snacks, Beverages. Ice Creams and delicacies are available at the Fair

Rules for Pets entering the venue

All Pets Entering the Venue should be Registered at the Entrance


All Pets have to undergo Vet Check and should show Vaccination

proof (Pet Passport or Letter from reputed Veterinary clinic) to allow entry into the Venue. Vaccination should have been carried out within the last 2 years.


All pets will be checked by our Official Vets for health conditions


All Dogs will undergo a character assessment and Red - Yellow  or Green Ribbon will be tied to their collar or harness. This Ribbon should be worn at all times inside the Venue.


Leashes will be permitted inside the Venue

Dogs or Cats participating in the Competitions should register at respective desks.  Cats should be carried in Cat Carriers at all times

No wild animals or endangered species will be permitted



The Pet owners should sign an undertaking at the entrance desk

Accepting responsibility for their pets and will compensate the damages caused by their pets.


The owners of pets bring their animals at their own risk.  The Organizer or Officials will not be responsible for the actions of their pets. 


Small dog owners must keep their dogs away from big ones at all times.

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